T R U T H speaks

L I S T E N to the Q U I E T wind

With birds song

L I F T E D in the dark


They C A L L you

And watch you

From the branches

Into your window


Those feathered F R I E N D S

Who have passed

Still keep you under

Safety’s wing


Have F A I T H in your


You have always known

The P R O M I S E S they hold


Allow the S P A C E of

Time to H E A L this

The love you seek

Comes with ease


Always be O P E N

T R U T H speaks

And is heard by

The one who longs to rest

With you and G R O W with you


You are never apart

When D E S T I N Y is

Yours to share

January 2021 – Download 19

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