I have received some lovely feedback and support lately about my blog and want to say a huge thank you to those who are still following it. It’s incredibly special to me 🙂

I’m just communicating, in case you’re wondering where I’ve been. I am healing really well and feel strong and empowered. My body is coming back to itself which is really beautiful to experience. I am writing every day still, but my view has expanded beyond the blog, so with this in mind, I will have to keep my focus towards this new goal. I may share tiny bits of creativity here and there and if there is anything anyone would like to open up a conversation about, please feel free to comment.

Perhaps as a starter, I could ask what you may have gained from reading the blog and what I could add that would help give more insights?

Be well and happy and light 🙂

4 thoughts on “Creating

  1. Gained insight into your personal journey and was able to express support and encouragement to you whilst so physically far away. In awe of your level of internal processing and lucid thought provoking messages/comments about this tough journey. Able to celebrate your healing step by step and feel a connection, even though we are far away.

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  2. You are so inspiring Taz, getting through your journey without family with you is just incredible. You are such a strong, brave child of mine and how you handle it all is such a lesson for us all. Love you so much and so proud of who you were, are now and how you are still changing lives and thoughts for me and others needing your inspiration and bravery and messages. Love Marmie x

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