Yams Versus Enlightenment!

I was in the kitchen this morning having my coffee with oat milk. I just cannot give up coffee I’m afraid, but I’ve been encouraged by the friends in my life that one cup of coffee a day isn’t something to feel guilty about, especially since my diet and lifestyle is so clean. So I’ve taken it on as my guilty pleasure 🙂

Anyway, I digress.  While sipping my coffee, I was reading up about menopause in this rather large health bible of a book that my friend Wayne (Dim Sum) had loaned me on the Summer Holiday tour. I have my own copy now and decided to move it downstairs, so the whole family could browse through it and get some use out of it. I’m happy to see that it’s being used quite a bit every day. So I sat at the dining room table and opened it up to read a bit more about how the author of the book views menopause. There are bits and pieces of advice throughout the book, but I was looking for some tips on how to handle the hot flushes or ‘flashes’ as he calls them, as mine have increased in intensity lately.

The book is called ‘Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation’ by Andreas Moritz and I’d recommend it for every household.

So here is some of what I read…

“Menopausal problems can be an opportunity for a woman to put her life in order on all levels. Menopause brings to the surface whatever issues a woman may not have dealt with successfully while she was busy taking care of her family or career. The midlife phase doesn’t need to be a midlife crisis. Instead, it can be a woman’s greatest opportunity to deal with any unresolved issues in her life, thereby freeing her from all kinds of limitations – physical, emotional and spiritual. The first and most important step in that direction is to know that menopause isn’t a disease and that the body isn’t doing anything wrong. Supporting it and treating it with kindness and respect during this important time in a woman’s life can make all the difference.”

Wait for it, there is more fascinating stuff here…

“Menopausal symptoms, however, can just as often have a spiritual basis. Hot flashes, for example, may be triggered by an awakening of the spiritual energy Kundalini. The heat waves can ‘strike’ like lightening during mealtimes, while resting and even during sleep. As this intense energy rushes upward from the base of the spine or uterus toward the head, it can cause tremendous heat in the body along with severe sweating. Following the hot flashes, the body may experience a cold spell.”

I shared what I had read with Jono, as he was doing the dishes. I was smiling with absolute delight and jokingly told him the book says I’m closer to enlightenment, so it can’t be all that bad. Of course, I’m saying this with no illusions that it is in fact true, I was just having fun 🙂  

I carried on reading about several oils and herbs that were being suggested to help manage symptoms and asked if he had heard of wild yam root. His reply was that he used to enjoy eating yams, but he wasn’t sure about wild yam root. I then asked him, if he were in my position, what would he choose, the yam root or enlightenment? His reply sent me into fits of laughter. He said, “Well you’re so far down the road towards enlightenment, I’d just keep going and save some money on the yam.” I’m still laughing. I live with such brilliant people!!!

I identify with quite a bit of what I’ve quoted here, especially putting my life in order and freeing myself of limitations. Being kind to myself and respecting my current state of mind. What I’m experiencing at this stage of my journey is difficult to put into words, which is why I’ve been silent and haven’t written again for a while. So many things are germinating and changing which is actually quite brilliant and wonderful and as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I’m inclined towards keeping most of it to myself and to only share bits and pieces with those in my inner circle. I’m a work in progress, but I guess, we all are. How exciting!!!

It’s always interesting when I hear from someone who has noticed that I’ve deactivated my facebook account and reaches out to see if I’m alright. I appreciate the concern and can understand how it may be perceived as an indication that something may be wrong. The thing is, everything is right!

I’m merely doing whatever feels right and good for me. I’m continuing to put down gentle boundaries and follow my inner truth in situations. Quite frankly, I’ve never been keen on being a part of facebook, but I won’t go into the reasons why and be seen to be spoiling it for those who delight in it. There are many positives, but for me the negatives outweigh the positives.

I’m still processing and enjoying the moments that come in and out of my life that are showing me things and helping me move forward and there is plenty to feel inspired about these days.

“Banat banat ban jai”, which loosely translated means:

 “Striving, striving, one day behold! The Divine Goal!”

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