Chemosabe Six – Finding An Old Rhythm!

Everything in the Infusion Suite ran as well as it always does.  I’m still in constant amazement at how the nurses negotiate their way around so much responsibility and they carry it all with such care and grace. Thursday was a chemo and Herceptin day and Alison took brilliant care of me while patients breezed in and out. I’m in a routine now with everything so it all runs like clockwork and Netflix has become a great companion as I work my way through all that’s on offer. I’ve had some great suggestions from Sophie and Sivan so if you need any recommendations, I’m your girl 🙂

I popped in to say hello to Fortune on my way out and decided to walk the journey home. As I left the hospital, an older lady with a walking stick turned back as if to say something to me. I asked if she was ok, but I think she was actually talking to herself. Anyway, once I’d made contact, we were locked into a conversation. She moved at a very, very slow pace, but this actually suited me fine as I wasn’t about to run a marathon myself. We chatted all the way up to the main road and I saw her to her bus stop. I generally love talking to people and have always enjoyed interactions with elderly folk in particular. She was a dear, dear lady. We said goodbye and I set off for home.

On the way back, I stopped into a bicycle shop to have a browse and see what was on offer. I wasn’t planning on buying anything, it was just a spontaneous decision. I’ve always loved riding and had a bike throughout my childhood. My sister and I used to ride to school and around the neighbourhood growing up in Zimbabwe. I remember staying very close to her as we crossed Samora Machel Avenue together. She was my safety and my guide. I’m not sure why I went inside to look. Perhaps to break the monotony of the walk home from the hospital, who knows?

I got in and Jono and Baz were home, so I told them about the bikes and we had a quick catch up chat. Jono was about to spend some time on his drum kit practicing. He’s a professional drummer who does loads of gigs and teaches kids to play drums. I’ve been to one of his gigs with Jen and he’s incredible to watch. I had asked him a while ago if he would mind taking me for a few lessons when he has a gap, which he rarely does and he had agreed. He offered up the time and I accepted 🙂

I played drums for five years in high school which wasn’t exactly yesterday.  My sister Heidi was the lead drummer, but when she left school, they’d need a replacement so I had been trained up to take her place. We had an incredible time being a part of the school band. We had band practice before assembly most mornings and often times in the evenings. We even traveled a little with the band for concerts and competitions. It’s definitely a happy memory for me and something I’d always thought I’d like to pick up again at some point, purely for the pleasure of it.

I sat behind the kit, picked up a set of sticks and Jono took me through some of what I’d forgotten and slowly, it started to come back and make sense. We worked through a song, then another and then a couple more. I felt nervous and unsure of myself, but I carried on making the connection with each drum beat, hoping it would all come back. I have a way to go, but it’s at least a start.  It lifted my spirits like I can’t explain and took me back to when I was a young girl in a brown school uniform sitting at the back of the orchestra, behind a drum kit playing with all the confidence in the world. Thank you Jono!!!

I couldn’t wait to tell people what had just happened. I was beyond excited. I’d forgotten it had been a day at the hospital. There was one more thing to do that I had been neglecting for a while. I opened my laptop, found the information I needed and sent an email inquiry about attending a ballet class at a church just down the road from me. Jen had kindly saved the info for me and will hopefully tiptoe into class with me one day soon. Yay Jen!! I went to sleep with a really happy heart 🙂

Friday came with a few health challenges, but I got some help from my GP and basically slept most of Friday. Saturday was much the same and Sunday seemed like I was off to a good start until, midway through making breakfast, I found myself suddenly doubled over in abdominal pain and about to pass out. Jen and Jono were both on gigs, but they have incredible friends who live a few doors down. Judy and Rowan arrived in no time and took over the breakfast duty which was a huge relief to me as I really needed food. Eggs, broccoli, marmite and spinach (Popeye had the right idea), got me back up and running thanks to Judy and Rowan. You are both lifesavers, thank you!!

Still struggling with anemia, so I didn’t make my ballet class unfortunately, but I know it’s there when I’m feeling stronger which I’m sure I will. It’s really one day at a time, so it will happen when the time is right. I did have a quiet day today working on a concept that I’d like to test out when all this is over, so the day was productive despite the disappointment of missing ballet.

Right now I’m listening to the faint drum beats of one of Jono’s pupils who is having a drum lesson downstairs and Jen is practicing piano for an upcoming recording. Dynamic duo!! I live in a beautiful, bustling house of music, laughter and general good vibes 🙂

“What we play is life” – Louis Armstrong

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  1. Wishing you strength on those really tough days and when you feel low or discouraged, just beat that drum so we can hear it in Africa.Much love as always….<3

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