Chemosabe Four – New Faces And Perspectives!

I was contacted the day before my chemo treatment this week which is usually on a Thursday, to ask if I would mind having my treatment of Friday. The nurse explained that the pharmacy that makes my chemo shuts down once a month and my mixture hadn’t been made on time before the shut down. I was so happy to know that I’d be able to have the treatment, it didn’t make any difference what day it was.

Of course going into the Infusion Suite on a different day means new faces and it didn’t take long to get to know the lovely people around me that day. Sophie had offered me a few Netflix recommendations for the hours I’d need to be entertained, but I didn’t really need them as the room was quite chatty and I actually love the nurses in the ward and have such admiration for what they do, so I sometimes just sit and watch and take it all in. They don’t stop!

I arrived with a few concerns. Without going into too much detail and embarrassing anyone who isn’t comfortable, this chemo was timed in the same week as my monthly womanly “stuff”, should we say. I explained to the nurses that I was experiencing a rather different and demanding few days and so once my bloods were taken, they sent an extra sample off to check my haemoglobin levels.

I quickly got into the routine of waiting for the cold cap machine to warm up, observations were done, then I wet my hair to get ready for the cap and half an hour into the cap, my chemo began its hour long drip.

Conversations flew around the room and I slowly got to know the predicament of the other patients around me. Some were back for a fourth round of chemo, some were terminal, but in general, their spirits were incredibly high and I found being around them to be incredibly inspiring and insightful. There was even  a birthday celebration for one of the patients, so we heard the nurses singing in the room next door. It felt quite special.

As is often the case at the hospitals, they also have a wonderful person offering massages to patients. I remember after my second surgery a young girl came into our ward and massaged my feet and legs. It was heavenly. On Friday, Carina, who has massaged me before, very kindly took care of my neck and back, which often needs some TLC and then my feet. We had a lovely discussion about all sorts of things. Just a beautiful energy she has!!

Before I knew it, the chemo bag was empty and all that was left was another hour of the cold cap. Another hour!!!! Shew, I was actually finding that quite daunting on Friday I have to say. I was shivering for the first time, so a nurse brought me two blankets and helped me wrap my bedspread/scarf around my neck to try and keep me warm. Such kindness and care from all of the nurses there. I really am in such awe of what they do!

What I haven’t mentioned yet is that during my last hair wash which was on Tuesday this week, quite a bit of hair has begun to come out. I called Jen upstairs to show her and presented it to her like a surprise birthday cake. Funny how you think you may have an issue with something and it’s just not how you react when it actually happens. I watched with intrigue as the basin got fuller and fuller with my lovely brown locks. It was strangely exciting to me!

Now you’re all really going to think I’m a nutcase, but that’s honestly my reaction. Perhaps I struggled with the cold cap as a result of some hair loss?

Who knows? And who knows what the end result will be, but either way, I think I’m up for the adventure and change. It’s coming out evenly with no bald patches so you actually wouldn’t even notice a difference as I do have quite a bit of hair to begin with. Watch this space 🙂

So just before I left the hospital, we got the results of my haemoglobin tests and I was told that they were 8.5. A normal count is 11 so I was told to contact my GP to get an emergency appointment, which I managed to do. I left the hospital, went back to the house for a quick green smoothie and then made my way to the clinic down the road just before closing time. This was turning into a rather long day. I met my lovely GP who did various tests and we chatted about everything. He explained that if my haemoglobin count was 8, I would need a blood transfusion and told me what to look out for over the weekend. He gave me medication to begin straight away and so I went directly to the pharmacy for the supplies and home for supper. I’d been out since early that morning and made it back in the dark. Not a bad chemo day…

Besides taking the medication, I did a massive juice that night and did more juicing today (Saturday). I juiced an entire broccoli, besides loads of other fruits and vegetables. I’ve had a pretty chilled day writing at home which I’ve enjoyed and am actually feeling quite good!


My haemoglobin levels are rising as we speak!!!

Got it? Good 🙂

4 thoughts on “Chemosabe Four – New Faces And Perspectives!

  1. You are so brave Taz, I am so proud of you. There are times being so far away, that I sometimes feel this is so unreal, then your blog jogs me back to reality. This blog was a hard read for many reasons. You spend so much time in the hospital and you write with such a light hearted approach to life. Every part of your journey is accepted, with such grace and resilience. You are so AMAZING Tazzy and I love you dearly. Love Marmie x

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    1. I can only imagine how hard it is not being with me Bebe and I’m sorry it’s sometimes difficult to read, but know that I’m doing alright and yes, I’ve accepted that this is the lay of the land for now, but in time that will all change and there will be lots to be thankful for. I’m thankful for your love♥️


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