My Very First Blog – Yay!!

Some have said I am inspiring…I prefer to say that I am inspired. What inspires me you may ask? I have a multitude of answers to that question and will find moments to write about them all.

I’m inspired by people, travel – especially long train rides, rainy days, the innocence and delight of children – children with special needs in particular, deep and loving friendships, loyalty, honesty, walks in the park, animals, hugging trees, solitude, chocolate (only dark now without the sugar), healthy living, walking through London, visits to Cathedrals, the sound of birds singing,  watching families hanging out together, compassion, strength and humility, hospitals (who would have thought, but I have many a tale now that I practically live at one). I love deep conversations, chats with Uber drivers, the generosity of friends, loved ones and sometimes strangers, the magic of theatre, honest communication. I’m inspired by the unconditional love I have always felt from God since I was a little girl and if I was uncertain He was there, which I never am, that’s been taken care of. I am deeply inspired by the love, guidance and protection of my Guru (yes, I have a Guru and if that puts you off, it’s nothing I’m willing to change). I’m inspired by love, my family and perhaps, finally…stories. And I may just have lots of those to tell.

Some you may like and some you may find silly and annoying, but I’m comfortable with that as they are my stories and I’m more than willing to share.

I promise to be honest and open in my telling and to not be reserved in my approach, even though some situations may seem very personal, I will do all I can to protect those who have affected my life both positively and negatively. Sometimes the relationships which have been the most challenging can show you darker aspects of yourself that shouldn’t be hidden, perhaps a little tweaking may be necessary, but they should never be hidden away.

I chose to call this Blog Safe Spaces because in amongst all the chaos that is life, I have always managed to find myself, or create for myself a safe space in which to handle life and to grow.  A very dear friend of mine who I call “my lion” spoke of having a safe space in a conversation we were having about his life, and I have never forgotten it, so with his permission there it is. Thank you my lion.

I have often felt a little awkward with the idea of writing as I don’t fancy myself to be particularly strong in grammar and constructing interesting sentences that capture people’s imaginations, but what I can offer is simple, honest and heartfelt ways of sharing what is my reality and experience. I was a bit of a class clown in school, so I wasn’t really paying attention to composition.

I thank you in advance if you decide to spend a little of your precious time reading over my musings and wish you the most magical experiences in your own life and in everything that touches it.

Here’s to magic and creating!!

18 thoughts on “My Very First Blog – Yay!!

  1. I have never met u Taz but know of u through Mom & feel like I too, am now a friend so will be following your blog & walking alongside you and yours in faith & trust for you are a star in more ways than u know & will overcome all the challenges ahead 🙏🏻💕 Stay strong.

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  2. You are such an inspiration Taz, I am so proud of you. You survived the Achilles Lauro and you will come through this next journey too. I know you will change lives and lift the spirits of many new friends you will make on this journey. You always do, as you bring joy and love wherever you go. I love you and am proud to be your mom. Love Marmie

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  3. Beautiful Tazzi, what a fabulous idea, never doubt yourself or your abilities, you are one strong, gutsy women, who is an inspiration to many out there going through the same troubles. Love your spirit and your faith they will see you through. Angel hugs and prayers for your journey ahead. Love you 🍀

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